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Awesome / Seven Days Survivor

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The Journey

  • Minato answering each of Ryoji's proclamations during the final battle with a countenance of his own.

The Answer

  • The last battle against Metis. Midori steps up and leads when Aigis cannot go on. It shows how far she'd come, and why she's The Lancer to Aigis.

The Interlude

  • The tennis match between Aigis and Midori at the summer tournament. While it is mostly off screen, and both of them know that Aigis will win, Midori does not go down without a fight, something that impresses a lot of people in-story.
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  • Midori ends up getting thrown into the television after Saki and confronts Adachi. Not only does she confront him without fear, but she gives him an epic speech before calling out Black Frost. It's enough that Adachi loses his composure. And his life.

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