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  • Phichit and Yuuri's friendship.
  • Christophe and Viktor's too for that matter.
  • Much like in canon, there's Yuuri instantly bonding with Makkachin, much to Viktor's delight.
  • Yuuri making borscht for Viktor as a thank you for letting him stay at his apartment.
  • During the sex scene of Chapter 13, after Yuuri has realised that he is in love with Viktor. Particularly the part when they smile and laugh together after falling onto the bed and knocking their foreheads together.
  • Despite the events surrounding the incident, it's still touching to know that Celestino and Phichit got furious on Yuuri's behalf after the doping scandal.
    • The same can be said of Yuri. While Yuri claims he's only mad at Viktor for failing to uphold his promise of choreographing a program for him, Viktor knows that Yuri is far more furious at him for nearly ruining Yuuri's career.
    • There's also a vast majority of skating and non-skating fans alike, who defend Yuuri and commend him for achieving so much all the while dealing with anxiety.
  • After the doping scandal and Yuuri seeks refuge in Hasetsu, his older sister Mari tries to comfort him and tells him that she's always ready to lend an ear if he wants to talk about it.
  • The whole town of Hasetsu driving away paparazzi and gossip mongers from their town shows just how much they care for Yuuri.
  • The very end where Yuuri decides to confess his love for Viktor on ice on international television after keeping their relationship secret for three years.
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  • The talk after the Grand Prix Finals at the end of OBS&BH. It was a long-overdue talk between them over what happened between them over the years, each one citing their side of the story. They realize that after so many incidents they could have averted by just talking, they mutually agreed to communicate better now that they are officially a couple.


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