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Heartwarming / Ratman

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  • When Mr. Big Horn goes berserk, Fatman tries to talk him down rather than fight him. Fatman tells Big Horn he would have helped him with his failing business if he just asked. This doesn't work, but its neither party's fault.
  • Ankraiser shows no ill will to Shuto when he finds out he is Ratman, and even carries him to safety.
  • Pretty much anytime Mirea smiles or cheers Shuto up.
  • The note the Jackys leave Crea, going in depth about their loyalty to her, and how they appreciated being treated as family.
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  • In the climax, the crowd of heroes personally connected to Shuto rush up to catch him before he falls.
  • In the end Shuto turns in the watch and gives up on being Ratman, but will still be a hero in his own way and take care of Mirea.
    • Shuto brags about growing 2 cm, but Mirea says she likes him just the way he is.

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