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Heartwarming / Radio Days

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  • Joe's first visit at the Radio City Music Hall is so beautifully simple.
    Narrator: My most vivid memory connected with an old radio song I associate with the time that Aunt Bea and her then-boyfriend Chester took me into New York to the movies. It was the first time I'd ever seen the Radio City Music Hall and it was like entering heaven. I just never saw anything so beautiful in my life.
  • When the entire country stops for a moment to listen the attempt to rescue a little girl who fell down a well. Then when everyone stops to mourn her death. Particularly, Joe's father tearing up as he hugs Joe close to him.
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  • Joe, while lugging home a radio, discovers that his father is a a cab driver. He gives him the "biggest tip of his life."
  • One of Joe's favorite moments was his parent's anniversary, the only time they would kiss in front of him.

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