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Heartwarming / Pom Poko

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  • Kiyo and Shoukichi's happy summer spent raising their cubs. Bonus points for being Truth in Television; tanuki really do share an equal role in caring for their young.
  • The reporter who wants to speak to the tanuki. This is not a corrupt reporter looking for publicity, he is an honest man who sincerely wants to help the tanuki and is willing to put his channel’s credibility on the line to make their voices heard. It pays off for the tanuki too.
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  • The leftover tanuki's final attempt at swaying the humans by returning the land temporarily back to what it was like before the development. Even the humans are emotionally moved by seeing the land as it was. Also crosses with tearjerker.
  • The Bittersweet Ending does lean more on the sweet side; as much suffering the tanuki have endured and how tough life is now, almost everyone has been able to adapt to their new lives and their jolly spirits are perfectly intact. Furthermore the report works, the humans start taking big steps to help preserve nature and assist the tanuki who cannot transform.

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