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Heartwarming Moments in Persona 5 Rebellion.


  • Literally every good thing that happens to Akira is heartwarming. Our Trickster had a very rough life that only got worse after he got send to Juvie and literally had to fight for his life. Something good happening to him always stands out.
  • Keigo Kurusu himself is heartwarming personified. Akira's grandfather was a genuinely good person who also was the seemingly only good thing in Akira's life until he got to Shujin. He saved Sae and Makoto from poverty after their parents died and was always there for Sae even after finishing her Junior Detective Program. Her respect and gratitude for him is why she eventually decides to become Akira's probation officer on his request. Given that Tokyo of Persona 5 is full of corrupt people, such a genuinely good person being in that world is very beautiful and he is well respected by those who knew him after his death making his passing an even bigger tearjerker.
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  • The friendship between the Phantom Thieves. Akira wasn't sure if their group would stick together after Kamoshida and the fact that they wouldn't abandon him like his other friends caused him to grin and be genuinely happy for the first time in a long time. Seeing him gradually open up to others is also sure to make a smile go on the reader's face.
  • Despite everything that happened to Akira, deep, deep down he is still a genuinely good guy who cares for his friends and others.
  • Shiho, thanks to Akira, doesn't jump. The moments in which him, Ann and Morgana try to help the broken girl are a sight to behold. Which makes her eventual suicide attempt even more of a Tearjerker.
  • By the time the interrogation is happening, Sae openly admits she cares for Akira. This is the same woman who treated him like a prisoner when she first met him and didn't even tolerate his presence around her sister. It makes one look forward to the two eventually growing closer.
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  • Shinya's mother Hanae. In the game she was an overbearing mother who raised her son to be a bully till her change of heart. This time, however, she is a kindhearted mother who simply is stressed out and her relationship with Shinya is also much better. Akira's interactions with both of then are also free of any prejudice and might be the first healthy family dynamic in his entire life, aside from the missing father.
  • Speaking of parents, Ann's parents are both lovely people and while they are often traveling truly care for their daughter. They even cancelled an entire gala appearance just to console her over the phone after Shiho's suicide attempt and want to be there for Shiho as well.

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