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YMMV / Persona 5 Rebellion

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  • Padding: The story can sometimes feel like there are a lot of unnecessary scenes that drag the pace down. This is largely due to the Adaptational Early Appearance causing many characters (and their related subplots) to be introduced much earlier in the story than they were in the game. All told, it takes fourteen chapters and over a hundred and fifty thousand words before Kamoshida's change of heart actually occurs.
  • Paranoia Fuel: Plenty from the source material, but two moments original to the fic stand out.
    • Akira, despondent after Sae verbally ripping him apart and drawing a gun on him, wanders off to the subway station. There, he meets a disguised Goro Akechi, who is there to murder a target for the conspiracy. You could by sheer chance encounter someone who can and will kill you just because you happened to see something you shouldn't have, or even just plain For the Evulz. Only a galactically lucky combination of Akechi's target not showing up and the last pangs of his conscience piping up save Akira from a swift and untimely demise.
    • The end result of Kamoshida's Sanity Slippage. You could be targeted for murder by a complete psychopath just for being tangentially acquainted with someone he hates, whether you are a casual fling who brought him to a party just to piss off your dad (Mitsuko), a classmate he encountered by chance at work and at a party (Haru), or a teacher whose class he was assigned to without any opportunity for your disapproval (Kawakami).
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  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Pretty much defined by Sae throughout the story. The reviews speak for themselves. On one hand it is understandable to want to protect your sister from a criminal you know nothing about besides his record and his grandfather's good words, and she doesn’t know the full story. However, the way she treats Akira is extreme to say the least. From countless rules to just sheer unpleasant behaviour Sae is making no attempt to hide her disdain for Akira. The kicker? Drawing a loaded gun on Akira while talking to him after he eats with Makoto on her birthday. No wonder she is one of the few people Akira genuinely fears.

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