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Nightmare Fuel / Persona 5 Rebellion

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Dear God, where to even start!? This story has enough to turn Persona 5 into a true Shin Megami Tensei game.


  • Basically as a general rule... if something appears in the game version expect it to be somehow worse in this fanfic.
  • Akira. You read that right. Our Trickster HIMSELF qualifies. When he gets angry someone WILL get hurt. Just ask one of Ryuji’s bullies. Oh wait... You can’t. Because in a boxing match Akira punches his tongue out! And in juvie? Akira's Innocence Lost moment involves him biting off another inmate’s nose! Granted the bully and inmate were more along the lines of Asshole Victims (especially given that the inmate wanted to kill Akira), but it‘s still scary to think Akira is capable of such violence. And there is the small hint in one of the interrogation scenes that suggests he actually killed someone... He really earned the title "Demon of Shujin".
  • Just... everything regarding Akira's time in juvie.
    • The North Tokyo Correctional Center is absolute hell. It houses some of the most deranged people in Japan and was essentially a recruiting ground for yakuza clans... and Akira was stuck there for a year!
    • Akira‘s second cellmate after his first one died. Just reading about him is terrifying. Akira describes him as one of the most monstrous people he had ever met, committing multiple homicides and avoiding proper jail because of a loophole in the law that states he was too young to go to jail. He goes as far as to state that if true evil exists, it might be him. He had broken into a house, murdered the husband in his sleep and seemingly raped the wife before killing her too for the sole reason of wanting to watch someone die! Worse still, he is charming and somehow convinced people to speak kindly about him at the trial. But the worst part? He is out by now and got recruited into Kaneshiro’s clan!
  • The Personas of all things end up being sources of horror:
    • Arsene, yes, that Arsene, goes from being a well mannered Gentleman Thief to a mindless demonic machine of mass destruction that only communicates via roars after his awakening.
    • Captain Kidd is described as a monstrous figure with a intense glare that seems to spark lightning.
    • Carmen in particular is rather scary. She is described as being very expressive compared to other Personas with a look of lust for pain and death and sadistic, and someone who wants to play with her “food“. It scares even Akira which should tell you enough.
  • The Metaverse itself, Mementos especially, gives of vibes of a much more dangerous Eldritch Location. Remember how Arsene is in this fanfic? Well... Mementos terrifies him!
  • The very idea of someone like Kamoshida is already frightening. Though it’s made worse when Kamoshida is on top of being a pedophile and rapist, psychotic enough to actually try and kill Akira and everyone he ever associated with in the school to keep his power. And his plans for Shiho? Making her essentially his slave and making her move in with him after school. It’s downright vomit-inducing the way his narration describes his "love" for her like she was a pet.
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  • Kamoshida’a Palace collapsing during the fight against his Shadow. It’s almost organic, expanding like a heart and shattering piece by piece leaving nothing but an oblivion that Morgana warns would be the end for you if you fall in. Akira nearly does fall in but is saved by Ryuji.
  • Speaking of Kamoshida’s boss fight... were you already disturbed by the pink monster he turned into in the game? Well buckle up, because instead of that Kamoshida turns into a gigantic fleshy mass of steel, metal and black tar covered in red and pink veins that absorbs his Palace into him, with countless tentacles placed everywhere.
  • Akira fuses with Arsene and tears Kamoshida’s Shadow Form apart. Sure, it's awesome, but this is still Akira fusing with basically a demon and turning into a Horrifying Hero! And it nearly kills him!
  • During Madarame’s party Ann ends up in a room filled with drugged up women on the verge of death. Chances are Ann intervening to try and take care of them was the only thing that saved them. Even scarier? We don't find out how many of them actually make it out alive.
  • The mental shutdowns are even more horrifying. The subway accident? Akira was there when it happened and if he hadn't been Shinya would have died!
    • On that topic... Goro has to struggle not to kill For the Evulz. The assassin who invades your mind got even more dangerous!

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