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  • An elderly boy scout came in with a huge collection of stamps hoping to raise money to send some needy kids to camp. Rick and an expert sifted through all of them but not a single one was worth anything. The man was clearly heartbroken so Rick said he'd pay to send a kid or two to camp.
  • In another episode, a woman comes across a spider brooch made by Fabergé, and without knowing its background, attempts to sell it to Rick for far below what it's actually worth. Rick doesn't have the heart to gouge the woman and straight up tells her the brooch is more valuable than she thinks, and even gives her an offer that's higher than her original one.
    • For the record: She asked for 2000 while Rick offered her 15,000 because "he has a conscience." The reason being that the brooch was actually from the collection of the LAST CZARINA OF RUSSIA and thus it was royal jewelry. But then the woman had to go and throw the goodwill away by asking for a higher amount. Instantly.
    "I'm... really, $15,000 is what I can do."
    "A man who will pay $15,000 will definitely pay $17,000!"
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  • In another instance, the Old Man of all people actually raised the initial offer. He could have easily gotten a perfect condition Jolly Music Monkey for $100, but instead offered $150 because he would have felt bad since the woman selling it really didn't know how much it was worth. Unlike the above example, she doesn't try to bump it higher and is genuinely grateful.
  • In the Christmas episode that the family exchanged presents, they mostly give each other crappy presents as a form of agreement. But, they did give Chumlee a very nice watch since they love the guy.
  • When the words "I'm real proud of ya, Chumlee" actually came out of the Old Man's mouth, in all sincerity.
  • The conclusion of The Pick, The Pawn And The Polish saga definitely counts. All the hassle Mike and Frank, Rick Dale, the Kount and Rick Harrison went through to find and restore a classic Chevy Impala for the Old Man's birthday proved to be worth it when the Old Man finally received the car.
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  • Chumlee making waffles for Rick after he failed to make a deal on an item he really wanted.
  • The entire store working together to get Chumlee a new bike for his 30th birthday. Chumlee's face when he first sees is seals the deal.
  • The Old Man is the only one that gives Chumlee a nice housewarming gift, so Chumlee reciprocates with a heartfelt thank you card.
  • Corey paying $350 for a Bloody Sunday shell casing, as not only did the seller get his full asking price, a rare event on Pawn Stars, but Corey got a piece of history he genuinely cared about to display in his house
  • Pretty much the entirety of "A Treasure Remembered" fills this trope. To recap, the Old Man died on June 25, 2018, and two days later, out comes this episode, which is a collection of clips of many of the good moments everyone else had with him. It just goes to show that, for all his faults, he was one of a kind.

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