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Heartwarming / PIEGUYRULZ

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  • His "Stay Young" speech at the end of Operation B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y. R.E.V.I.E.W.
  • The entirety of his "No Hat for Pat" review in the Season 6 video. He spends the whole time gushing about how much it makes him feel bad for Patrick, and how it redeems the character after his not so nice actions in other episodes. The kicker is when he looks at the quote, in which Patrick says he likes Pie.
    Pie Guy: I like you too, Patrick
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  • The ending for the video "Serious News... (April 1, 2011)" which announced that he was done making videos and had lost his passion for cartoons and video games. It was, of course, a big April Fools' Day joke, with him saying at the end that he loves video games, cartoons, & making videos and that his life wouldn't be complete without them.
  • In his 2AM Q&A Livestream, he said that he considers his girlfriend to be his best friend. D'awww...
    That's the cheesy answer.
  • This tweet.
    Pie Guy: I love you guys. Links to this clip

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