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  • A couple letters in early issues are about older people playing and enjoying Nintendo, showing that video games transcended generations even when console gaming was new.
  • In the November/December 1989 issue, NP showcased the "Capcom Children's Corner," which involved the company donating $50,000 dollars worth of video games and computer equipment to 10 hospitals in California, including 3 NES systems per hospital, 36 games, and a Hands-Free controller. The article went on to say that if the idea was successful, it could catch on across the country.
  • Nester's goodbye to Howard Phillips, ending with his mentor riding off into the sunset.
    • The goodbye comic given to Phillips takes it up a notch, where the two go out for a day of no-holds-barred go-karting. There's even a bit of stealth heartwarming in the logo: it's the first time Nester doesn't scribble in a larger version of his name over Howard's, and the heads look at each other fondly.
  • The final issue ends with a "Nester and Maxwell" comic in the style of the Howard and Nester comics of the early issues, and features an adult Nester with his own son, Maxwell (nicknamed Max) reminiscing about Nintendo Power and lamenting its ending. Then Max points out that it's not really going away, because they have it all right there.
    Max: You know what I see when I look at this final issue? 100% Completion.
  • The letters in the final issue are this and Tearjerkers combined, with most of them saying how much they'll miss the magazine, and wishing the NP team the best.


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