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  • In a recent year's Christmas issue, the Bookworm columnist—who usually reviews horrible ghostridden celebrity biographies as a Caustic Critic—reviewed Paul O'Grady's and was forced to admit he really liked it—prompting a Note From Ed saying he was fired.
    • Probably because O'Grady's book was unpretentious and honest. Unlike almost any other celebrity memoir.
  • Following the death of former Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy (who had appeared on Have I Got News for You with editor Ian Hislop 9 times), there was a small tribute in the news pages, reminding readers of the time Charles Kennedy had bought the original copy of a front page that took the piss out of him as a memento, the tribute simply saying "Man with Sense of Humour Dies". Charles Kennedy was known for being extremely good-natured about jokes at his expense–indeed, when his own party started singing songs about his alcoholism, his response was to promise to provide a second verse–and the tribute was rather sweet by Private Eye standards.

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