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Heartwarming / Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

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  • The main basis of the story has the titular, Manchild protagonists find proper wedding dates because their little sister asked them to.
  • In general, the relationships of Mike and David — Tatiana and Alice. Both pairs are dysfunctional as hell, but they each have such a strong friendship.
  • Even when Mike tells Dave the real reason why Tatiana and Alice come with them to Hawaii, Dave doesn't get mad — saying that Alice needs a vacation for what she's been through.
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  • Alice paying a massage therapist to help Jeanie unwind.
  • Even when they don't have a reason to stay, Tatiana and Alice own up to how their selfishness caused Eric and Jeanie to cancel the wedding — and decide to help fix it.
  • Eric showing the tickets he bought that would have him and Jeanie travel across the world — something she wanted to do, but he told her initially he didn't. Is it a wonder why Mike, Dave, Tatiana, and Alice go "aawww".
  • After Dave and Alice bond in Hawaii, she tells him the truth about her ex-boyfriend, namely that he dumped her at the altar rather than died in a plane crash. Dave asks her why she didn't just tell the truth and she says she didn't want him to think she's "damaged goods". Dave tells her he would never think that.

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