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Everything Will Be Okay (Alles wird gut) is a 2015 short film (28 minutes) from Germany, directed by Patrick Vollrath.

Lea is an 8-year-old child of divorce. Her father Michael shows up one weekend for the typical non-custodial weekend visit. Michael and Lea do the kinds of things divorced dads do with their kids: drive bumper cars at the fair, buy toy sets at the toy store. But Michael seems strangely agitated throughout the day, and the other things they do together—get a passport photo for Lea, get an emergency passport for Lea, sell Michael's car—indicate that Michael has something else in mind for the weekend.



  • Adult Fear: Although the whole film is told from Lea's perspective, adult fears like being separated from your daughter by divorce or having your daughter kidnapped by your spouse are on display.
  • Amusement Park: Where they go to drive the bumper cars. Michael's in a hurry though, so they have to leave and go to the passport office.
  • False Reassurance: The first use of the Title Drop comes when Michael and Lea have arrived at the airport and she's twigged to what's going on. The second use of it comes from Lea's mom in the last line of the movie, when the cops have arrived and arrested her father. Both times, it is plainly not true.
  • Foreshadowing: The first hint that something is up comes when Michael puts Lea in a coin operated photo booth, usually the kind of silly thing a dad might do with his daughter on a fun weekend. He chooses the "identity documents" option and insists that Lea pose with a neutral face for the photo instead of stick her tongue out like Lea wanted.
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  • Tearjerker: Michael has made a bad choice, but it's certainly sad at the end, when the cops are hammering on the hotel room door, and he starts sobbing about how Lea was taken away from him and without her he has nothing left.
  • Title Drop: Used twice in the movie, once when Lea starts to figure out what her father is up to, and again at the end by her mother after she arrives with the cops and Michael is arrested.

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