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Heartwarming / Midsommar

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  • As bizarre as it sounds, the ending. After everything that she had gone through from losing her family to dealing with her Bastard Boyfriend and his friends, the smile that Dani displays at the end isn't one of psychosis, but of relief. She had succeeded at letting go of her pain and despite the Harga's disturbing customs, she accepts them as her new family.

  • Depending on how you interpret Pelle's character, he does appear to genuinely care about Dani and acts very sweet towards her, being the only one of Christian's friends to actually want Dani with them. He also remembers her birthday, giving her a thoughtful gift, comforts her during a panic attack, and lovingly kisses her after she's crowned the May Queen. While he does belong to a murderous pagan cult, he does appear to be a very sweet guy who enjoys comforting and showing love to those he cares about.

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