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Heartwarming / Memoirs of a Master

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  • The moment of Shifu attending Yeying's wedding, utterly heartbroken and only there because of Master Oogway's advice. Bracing himself, he turns to see the groom's family, only to see that it is his own. At that, Li concludes that Shifu is the groom and Yeying's father finally reveals that this is his final move for his daughter to marry someone she truly loved and Shifu proved that beautifully.
  • The return of Yeying, broken, withered and paranoid after so many years of suffering, only to find that, against all her fears of being rejected, her husband is overjoyed to take her back. Furthermore, she finds that at long last, she has children after a fashion with the Furious Five and will even see her dearest "daughter," Tigress, marry that lovable Dragon Warrior.
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  • When Shifu finally tells Tigress he loves her, apologizes for his treatment of her. At that, Tigress only has one request, she call him "Baba" (Papa), which Shifu welcomes without hesitation before they truly embrace as Father and Daughter.
  • Among all the messages left by his friends and family on the first edition of Shifu's memoirs, the very last is from Tai Lung:
    I never wanted your apology. I want your forgiveness. If I had known about any of this, maybe I would have been a better son. I'm sorry, Baba.
  • Tai Lung's reunion with his stuffed panda, Tai Ping:
    "I thought…" he shakily whispered, sucking in a breath, "I thought he'd done away with it…thrown him away…" Tai Lung shook his head, looking very much like a man who had lost everything in a storm, only to find a single keepsake in the rubble of his home. "I thought he hated me."
    Shifu's apology and the exclamation of his love for his stu—no. No…his son. This bear, Tai Ping, was proof. Tai Lung had once been his son…was still his son…and would always be his son.
    Tai Ping...watched the warm light shining in the male's eyes...a light that had not been there for years. [He] hadn't seen such a peaceful, happy light in His Boy's eyes for a long time. Slowly, miraculously, that bear's eyes shone brighter than ever, and that sewn-on smile appeared to grow wider. Things were the way they were supposed to be.
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  • Shifu's return to the Jade Palace with all his old friends, who turn out to be all alive, well and eager to meet Shifu's charming and extraordinary students after all of their teacher's effusive praise, not to mention eager to try the Dragon Warrior's cooking.