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  • Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four: Ben spends most of the issue wondering why Reed refuses to leave anything to chance. Reed tells him in the ending it's because he did take a chance, once, and it turned Ben into rock, something he has never been able to undo. So now he constantly calculates every possible outcome since he doesn't want to hurt any of them like that ever again.
    Ben: I learned a lot that day, Aunt Petunia. I learned that not only is Reed Richards a super genius, and a pretty good fighter... but he's also the best friend anyone could have.
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  • In one issue of Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man, The Absorbing Man escapes during a prison transfer and during the fight he absorbs Spider-Man. It makes him a better person. That's right, Spider-Man is a person of such upstanding moral fiber in this universe that it made a Power Copier undergo a Heel–Face Turn.

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