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  • Captain America's ownage of Loki: "Did you just humiliate a deity in front of three million potential worshippers?"
  • Hank Pym putting down Erik Josten with ants the size of SUVs.
    • And over in MA: Super-Heroes, his handling of Flint Marko.
      Hank: Sorry, I don't mean to frustrate you, but, if I could- My scientific curiosity... how many grains of sand do you think you have in that body of yours?
      Sandman: I dunno, you idiot, a lot! What's that got to do with it?!
      Hank: I don't know. But I do know an awful lot of ants.
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  • The Avengers and Silver Surfer convincing Galactus to "diet" (by sticking to uninhabited planets).
  • "Check it out! I caught a school!"
  • The slingshot maneuver:
    • Step One: Have Spidey build a gigantic web.
    • Step Two: Load Hulk into it and have Giant Girl aim.
    • Step Three: Pure ownage of a giant living statue.
  • Spider-Man and Doctor Strange winning against a reality-eating super-powerful monster on a bluff, thanks to the power of ham.
  • Hulk vs Bullseye.
    Cop: "Huh. The fight sure went out of you quick."
    Bullseye: "Hulk says pay taxes. I pay taxes."
  • Giant Girl handling the U-Foes.
    Iron Man: Three men of science, and this is how we beat them?
    Banner: I guess some problems don't require complex solutions.
    Spider-Man: Yeah, sometimes a size-five hundred shoe does the trick.
  • Ka-Zar beating Stegron by accidentally landing a Quinjet on him.
  • Quicksilver using his head and defeating the Super Adaptoid by having it absorb the powers and personality of Captain America, thus making it a good guy.
  • Mixed CMOA and CMOF, Spider-Man terrifying a crook into submission by making the guy think he can control spiders.
  • The absolutely fantastic takedown of Berto Torino in MA: Spider Man V2 #12. The issue starts with Captain Stacy sitting down with Berto and telling him this is the crime family's final day. After getting a call from one of his men about Spidey, Berto calls everybody else to put them on high alert. Through a following series of phone calls and flashbacks, we see Spider Man, Chat and Blonde Phantom trying to get at the Torino family's assets and failing. And then, after getting a final call about how Spider Man had been taken down right outside his house, Berto goes to the window to check...and sees Spider Man come in through the window, web up his goons and introduce him to the Blonde Phantom and Mysterious Girl X (Chat). Spidey then goes to explain that they traced every call Berto made to his safehouses, which he only made because he thought Spider Man was coming for him. They then introduce the Blonde Phantom Detective Agency's newest member: the Silencer, who used her mind control powers to falsify the goons' reports and trick Berto into believing they never got a hold of anything, when in reality, they had everything.
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  • Momma Cage is just awesome incarnate.
  • Hercules is found injured after having fallen from orbit. Investigating just how the heck that happened reveals that he'd been chasing down a Hydra plot, started smashing his way through the base he'd been lured to, and was finally beamed to a moonbase with a transporter that is okay for freight but will Tele-Frag anything organic. Well, he survived. And utterly obliterated the moonbase, using its final explosion to boost himself back to Earth. Where he only wound up needing a little recovery time after all. He basically was never in need of any help.
  • In Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes Issue 21, Captain America aids Dr. Strange in a fight against an abstract transdimensional being and wins effortlessly. Harming the creature's physical body did nothing as its primary form was more of an idea. Thus when facing an even greater idea (Captain America and everything he represents) the creature was vanquished. But even without knowledge of this advantage and knowing that he was most likely hopelessly outmatched by something that was giving Dr. Strange trouble, Cap still charged fearlessly at the monster to stop it from harming civilians.
  • Spidey exposing a corrupt judge with an old Mongol tactic: tricking the judge and his (fully armed) mob buddies into following him outside, right where the NYPD are waiting.

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