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Heartwarming / Mariah Carey

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  • Her performances of "Through the Rain" counts. Especially the one that invoked article headlines of her breakdown.
  • Her coaching style on American Idol was also really tender. She actually brought in the girls to sing background vocals for her which is kinda nice and unexpected.
  • Her performances of "Hero" during the 9/11 ceremony, the 2013 July 4th ceremony, her performance in 1996 at a police man's funeral should all count. Despite her diva reputation, she is a generally warm-hearted person.
  • On "Supernatural", hearing her babies giggling, talking, and singing throughout the track is ridiculously cute, while also working surprisingly well with the song's structure.
    • In general, despite her diva attitude, it's quite heartwarming to see how hands-on she is with raising her children and how proud and loving a mother she is towards them; additionally, the fact that she and Nick Cannon have thus far remained Amicable Exes and are working together to co-parent is sweet, especially in light of her Dark and Troubled Past involving her parents' divorce and her own estrangement from her father.
  • The video for "Bye Bye" shows behind-the-scenes footage of Carey and her then-fiance, Nick Cannon, as a happy couple. The video ends with a photo montage of Carey's deceased loved ones, which includes family members and past collaborators; doubles as a Tear Jerker.

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