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Heartwarming / Les MisÚrables: Shōjo Cosette

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  • When Gavroche is collecting ammunition at the barricade, he sings neither "Little People" (from the musical) nor "La Faute A Voltaire" (from the Brick). Instead, he sings the lullaby that Cosette used to sing to him.
  • The whole brother and sister relationship between Cosette and Gavroche.
  • Cosette and Valjean creating a Paris-wide search party to help a poor woman named Rosalie find her runaway daughter Paulette in episode 27. Their separation and reunion is pretty much Fantine and Cosette's story with a happier ending.
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  • In one episode, when Alain meets up with Sister Simplice, she gives him some cookies for him and his siblings. She puts in two for him and then asks how many siblings he has. Wanting to get more cookies, he tells her he has five. When she sees through his lie and reprimands him for it, he admits he only has two siblings and she gives him four more cookies for them. When he gets home, he lets his siblings have all the cookies. Somehow this is very sweet.
  • Marius proposing to Cosette.
  • Javert stepping back from committing suicide at the last moment, even as his hat falls into the water, realising that people can change, and so can he.
  • Compared to the book, where Javert and Valjean's carriage ride together was silent and awkward, in the anime Valjean instead told Javert his life story - which was arguably what led to Javert turning back from killing himself at the end. Which doubles as a Tear Jerker when you realize that maybe he wouldn't have killed himself in the book if Valjean had just tried to talk to him...
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  • When Cosette went to Montreuil-Sur-Mer to officially mourn her mother, she learns about Fantine's tragedies, and that they were not lost on the forewomen: Single mothers can now work in the black glass factory, and their children have a daycare on the property.

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