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Heartwarming / Last of the Summer Wine

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  • See ya, Compo
  • Also pretty much the entirety of "Just A Small Funeral", particularly the end. Doubles as a Tear Jerker; you can tell the cast aren't acting but genuinely upset.
  • The ending to "Whoops". Trying to recapture the magic of Christmases from their youths, Compo, Clegg and Foggy try to reconnect with a pair of old school friends and invite them to Christmas Eve drinks, but neither friend is interested, leading the trio to sit depressed in the pub. Sid and Wally, however, having witnessed their efforts, find the two old friends and drag them down the pub. By the end of the night, all the men are laughing and joking and making duck impressions and climbing streetlamps.
  • There are quite a few where Clegg is concerned in the later years:
    • In one episode, Clegg hangs a "Do Not Disturb" sign on his front door. Naturally, this causes a small crowd to gather around his house due to curiosity, including Truly, Billy, Howard and Pearl. As they're wondering what he's doing, one person suggests he's committed suicide. Truly is infuriated by the very notion and orders the man to leave for spreading "vicious rumours."
    • Another one comes on his birthday. Clegg just wants a quiet birthday by himself, and decides to spend it with Truly having lunch at a nice hotel. Unfortunately, there's a wedding reception at the same hotel, and everyone else is there. Naturally, in the end, everyone finds out that it's Clegg's birthday, and Pearl - at first looking like she's going to yell at him - sweetly says, "Happy Birthday, Norman." And then Truly leads everyone in a round of "Happy Birthday to you!"
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    • There is one occasion when Clegg's cousin Aubrey comes over and is insistent that someone of Clegg's age shouldn't be wandering around without a purpose and keeps him inside all day. Truly, Alvin and Billy scheme to free him and manage to trick Aubrey into getting drunk enough that they can stick him on a bus home, much to Clegg's delight.
    • To add to that, the same episode reveals that Pearl often buys milk for Clegg.
  • Compo and Clegg's friendship in general. Any time Clegg will say something about Compo that fits his character, Compo will very enthusiastically agree with, "You're RIGHT, Norm! You're RIGHT!" It's enough to make anyone smile.

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