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Heartwarming / Just A Random Tuesday

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  • Driscoll looking out for Minerva. Annoying as he is, it's cute that he cares so much about her.
  • Dumbledore sending Minerva a flask of Hot Cocoa.
  • Ron refusing to let Hermione face Umbridge alone.
  • Minerva stopping Draco and Pansy bullying Daphne. Later Daphne says this:
    Daphne: Anyway, I... I also know that you in particular don't have a lot of reason to treat us fairly. But you do. Even when the other teachers are treating us all like little Death Eaters in training or something, you're treating us fairly. It's more than most of us could expect. And... well, I wanted to thank you.
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  • Minerva, in a rare quiet moment when she's alone with Snape, gently asks if he's okay after noticing how drawn-out he looks. Even if he lies and says he's fine, it says a lot that she remembers that no matter how much stress she's under, Snape has to deal with at least twice as much due to his Double Agent status.


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