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Heartwarming / In Your Arms Tonight

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  • In Shohei Aiba's Another Story route, the protagonist makes a movie date with Koichi only for him to cancel on her at the last minute when she's already at the theater. When Aiba hears about this, he hurries to join her, claiming he finished his work sooner than he'd expected, and the two of them spend a pleasant evening seeing a movie and having dinner. It's only when they part that the protagonist realizes Aiba's going back to the office to finish all of the work he'd put on hold so that she wouldn't spend the evening alone and feeling down about being stood up.
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  • Later in Aiba's Another Story, the protagonist finally gets the chance to return the favor: she has a dinner date with Koichi, but because of a critical mistake on his part Aiba is stuck at the office pulling an all-nighter to try to correct the error. Faced with the choice between supporting her colleague or trying to build her relationship with her husband, the protagonist calls Koichi and tells him that something has come up for work, and goes back to the office to help Aiba. When Aiba tries to protest, she counters by asking if that means he's fine with her not accepting his help any more, and pointing out that their working partnership is a two-way street.
  • At the end of Ebihara's route, the protagonist is in hospital after being hit by a car, and her unconscious mind has no defense against the despair that's been piling up over the past several months. The protagonist's dreams are haunted by images of Koichi, her parents and her in-laws, all making her decisions for her with no consideration for her feelings. Just when she's questioning whether anyone ever sees her at all, a new voice assures her that he does:
    Protagonist: (Thank goodness... You can hear me, right?)
    ???: Yeah, I hear you.
    Protagonist: (I'm glad... I was afraid I was alone.)
    ???: Don't worry. I'm with you. I'm on your side. Always.
    • Later, we find out that Ebihara has been sneaking into the protagonist's hospital room at night to bring her flowers. The above conversation probably really did happen.