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Heartwarming / Kindred Spirits on the Roof

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  • Megumi and Sachi in the final October chapter is this and a Tear Jerker.
  • Yuna in general. She dedicates so much time and effort to helping the couples out, not caring in the least that none of them will ever know just how much she helped them. Megumi and Sachi initially talked her into it, yes, but she clearly takes joy in helping.
  • The last extra chapter, where Yuna silently thanks Megumi and Sachi for inspiring her to help so many girls and make friends with them.
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  • Yuna coming to school to visit and share food with Megumi and Sachi in the middle of the summer holidays; they're both clearly touched by the gesture.
  • Yuna's answer to Hina. After keeping her waiting for weeks after her confession Yuna finally gets past her confusion and tells Hina she loves her. The normally quiet and stoic Hina (who kept her reserve even when confessing and seems to have been expecting Yuna to ultimately turn her down) has her voice crack as she flings herself into Yuna's arms.

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