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Heartwarming / Hivefled

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  • Gamzee escaping from the Highblood and the Condesce, and going outside on Alternia for the first time in months.
  • While imprisoned, Gamzee does the last rites for all the dead trolls who the Grand Highblood and the Condesce tortured and killed, so they can have peace in the afterlife.
  • Sollux and the Psiioniic's chat, especially when the Psiioniic calls him 'little Captor' and 'little Sollux'.
  • Eridan admitting that despite being unable to, he does want to help Gamzee.
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  • Gamzee finally meets more of the Kin. It's only about five or so, but there's actually considerably more of them who want to meet him but can't because they don't want to draw the Grand Highblood's attention. It's kind of sweet, considering that initially they mistrusted him for being the Highblood's descendant.
  • The latter part of Chapter 21 is full of these. First we have Tavros comforting Eridan about his asexuality, resulting in a moirallegiance between the two. This leads to the other trolls apologizing to Eridan for saying some... rather insensitive things when they didn't understand. Then we have Nepeta successfully auspisticizing between Gamzee and Eridan, actually getting them to apologize to each other and do a three-way fist bump.
    Eridan: Okay, you hurt me pretty bad, but you also led to me learnin’ there’s a name for wwhat wwas goin’ on wwith me and gettin’ twwo quadrants filled in a day, and they’re the ones I don’t ewer hawe to pail in. I think I wwin.
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  • This picture of Pyeran and Aradia.
  • After decades, Shuran and Icatus haven't forgotten their dead kismesis and moirail respectively, Sennir and Ukuthe- i.e. two of the Kin.
    • Hell, Ukuthe only signed the Sul to keep Icatus alive.
  • Someone asks Sennir if he felt being alive in a body that wasn't compatible with his gender was better than an afterlife in one that was. Sennir replied that while it sucked, ultimately he'd prefer to be alive, and then broke the fourth wall to ask any trans* readers contemplating suicide because of their body to not do it. Laneen joins in, encouraging suicidal readers to seek help.
  • In Chapter 47, the conversation between the Psiioniic and Sollux.

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