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Heartwarming / Guest from the Future

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  • Werther's Heroic Sacrifice against the pirates, showing just how human a Ridiculously Human Robot can be.
  • Alisa and Yulia becoming fast friends.
  • Yulia's grandmother not only welcomes Alisa into her house and protects her from the pirates, but also pulls some strings with the Ministry of Education to get Alisa enrolled in Yulia's school. Why? Because Alisa is Yulia's friend.
  • Alisa cannot find Kolya, whom the pirates have captured. Defeated, she starts heading back to the school. Suddenly, she runs into Yulia and Fima leading all their classmates (except for Yulia, Fima and Kolya Gerasimov, everyone has only known her for three days). Aww....
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  • Alisa finally finds Kolya in the old house, and hugs him.
  • Yulia tells Alisa she wishes she had a sister like her.
  • As she is about to return to her time, Alisa decides to tell the children their futures.
  • Whenever Alisa smiles.

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