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Heartwarming / Ghost Rider

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The Comics:

  • In the 1991 Marvel Christmas Special Ghost Rider (Daniel Ketch) has a storyline called “The Ghost of Christmas Present” where he saves a little blind boy Willie Rockwood from a group kidnappers. What makes it most touching and awesome is the kid the whole time mistakes Ghost Rider for Santa Claus and Willie thinks the ride home back to his terrified parents is him riding in Santa’s sleigh. Ghost Rider in general is very gentle with children since he cares immensely for the innocent.
  • Everything about Robbie Reyes's relationship with his little brother Gabe. Though a paraplegic and seemingly mentally challenged, Robbie never thinks of Gabe as burden, and in fact, would do anything to keep him safe. He even "borrows" a car to participate in an illegal street race to get enough money to get him and his brother out of East Los Angeles. Said events are what lead him into becoming the All-New Ghost Rider.