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  • Near the beginning of writer Jason Aaron's run on Ghost Rider, Ghost Rider has one. Well, a bunch, but this one in particular stands out. Ghost Rider has been fighting an escaped prisoner named The Deacon, a hulking behemoth who brutally murders people in the name of God. Ghost Rider has been getting the crap kicked out of him the entire fight... even his Penance Stare had no effect as The Deacon felt no remorse for killing "sinners". Finally, knocked to the ground and about to have a giant knife shoved into him, Ghost Rider holds up a very large Bible to defend himself. The Deacon stops and protests that Ghost Rider can't use the Bible as a weapon. Ghost Rider's response? He smacks him in the face with the book, then proceeds to beat him into unconsciousness with it.
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  • So Ghost Rider has this whole arc where Lucifer himself has escaped Hell, his soul divided into 666 pieces and possessing that many recently deceased bodies. GR has to kill them one by one, but each time he does so, the remaining ones get stronger, which would leave the final one in full possession of his demonic powers. How does Ghost Rider beat him? He cheats. He left one of the hosts brain dead, but kept the body alive, so when the time came to face the "final" Lucifer, he was only at half power.
  • Realizing that he cannot beat Death itself fairly in a motorcycle race, Johnny decides to cheat and kicks him into a ravine and wins the race.
  • Danny and Johnny stand alone against Zadkiel, who has usurped the throne of God and is essentially all-powerful. Hopeless, you say? EVERY GHOST RIDER THAT HAS EVER EXISTED would like to disagree.
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  • Speaking of past Riders, issue #33 of Jason Aaron's run, for the flashbacks to previous American Spirits of Vengeance, especially the affectionate parodies. Hell-Driver and Devil Rig, the Penance Fist...
  • During World War Hulk, Johnny allows the spirit of the Ghost Rider to take full control. It looks like the Hulk's about to get his giant green butt handed to him, but GR simply rides away. Tony Stark wonders why this is, and knows that GR could've defeated the Hulk handily. Reed Richards says that it's because there are no innocents to avenge... except the Hulk himself, realizing with great terror that Ghost Rider's coming for them.
  • Ghost Rider uses his Penance Stare on a thug, leading to this memorable bit of dialog.
    Thug: No more! No more, no more, no more, no more!
    Ghost Rider: No. More.
  • At one point, Satan came very close to defeating Ghost Rider. Then, a friend shows up to bail Ghost Rider out, utterly terrifying Satan and causing him to run back to Hell. The rescuer? Jesus himself.
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  • Ghost Rider's defeat of Scarecrow in one of the annual specials. Scarecrow lures Ghost Rider into his dungeon, walls of which are adorned with people captured by him, which limits Rider's fighting abilities and whose fear gives Scarecrow a fighting edge, as the fear from his victims allows him to regenerate from physical damage. After taking several hits, Ghost Rider uses Scarecrow's regenerative abilities against him by breaking the bones on his limbs, and then holding him in place such a way that his body heals them wrong, which leaves him as a cripple who is unable to move to be collected by the authorities.

The film

  • Carter Slade's last ride.
  • The scene before it is also made of awesome, Slade mounts his horse and changes. Blaze asks four words, "Can you keep up?" His horse changes as well to answer "I think I should be asking YOU that!" And then the two of them blazing across the desert with "Ghost Riders in the Sky" in the background is the high point of the movie.
  • Roxanne saves Ghost Rider by shooting Blackheart, the son of the Devil, with a discarded gun.
  • Johnny using the Penance Stare on Blackheart to burn him for one thousand souls worth of evil deeds.
  • There is the scene of where the Rider rides straight up a building wall and then jumps before snaring his chain to swing away.
    • And then follows that by creating a heat vacuum with his flaming chain in order to kill Abigor.
  • Johnny's speech at the end when he refuses to give the curse back.
    Johnny Blaze: No. I'm gonna own this curse... and I'm gonna use it against you. Whenever innocent blood is spilled, it'll be my father's blood... and you'll find me there. A spirit of vengeance... fighting fire with fire.
  • After the first transformation (which is a CMOA itself), Ghost Rider finds Blackheart waiting for him outside, who then tries to invoke There Is No Kill Like Over Kill by making his minions first hang the Rider and strangle him with a chain and then running him over with a truck. The Rider is not hurt, just pissed. He then grabs one of the Hidden with his chain and we get this gem:
    Gressel:(blubbering) Have mercy!


  • In the Fantastic Four animated series of the 90s, he gets a guest spot. When the heroes fail to deal with Galactus, Ghost Rider shows up out of nowhere, and makes him experience all the suffering he'd caused via the Penance Stare... and Galactus has caused a decent amount of suffering in his millennia. Galactus screams in agony and falls to the ground. Ghost Rider, one; the ancient and all-powerful devourer of worlds who outclasses pretty much the whole world's superhero and villain community put together, zero.
    Ghost Rider: Do you dare face the agony of those you have... slain?
    Galactus: Mortal or demon, whichever you be, begone. Galactus has no time for games.
    Ghost Rider: This... is no game. *penance stare*
    Galactus: No, aaargh!
    Ghost Rider: Feel the torment of a billion billion extinguished souls. Experience the pain of eternal guilt.

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