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Heartwarming / All-New Ghost Rider

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  • Everything about Robbie's relationship with his little brother Gabe. Though a paraplegic and seemingly mentally challenged, Robbie never thinks of Gabe as a burden, and in fact, would do anything to keep him safe. He even "borrows" a car to participate in an illegal street race to get enough money to get him and his brother out of East Los Angeles. Said events are what lead him into becoming the All-New Ghost Rider.
    • A subtle display of how much he cares occurs in a pawnshop, where Robbie correctly surmises that the clerks are trying to sell him an overpriced wheelchair; implying that he keeps himself informed on the various models to better take care of Gabe.
    • Robbie postpones his righteous vengeance on Guero and the mercenaries because he promised to take Gabe out for some ice cream first.
  • Daniel Wakeford making plans to help out the homeless as well as the troubled teens of LA despite them having done nothing but mock and take advantage of him. He even offers an outspoken hoodlum, Guero Valdez, a chance to use his connections and fierce will to make his community a better place to live in.
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  • Some of Guero's crew deciding to help rescue some special needs kids (including Gabe) from a downed school bus during Zabo's attack on Hillrock Heights, notably so since Guero himself wanted nothing more than flee the scene. Also doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
  • Robbie deciding to fight for the neighborhood after seeing its denizens trying to help one another out during the mercenary attack. Take note: he initially wanted to ditch or burn it down at the start of the issue.
  • Robbie using his car's teleportation powers to get Gabe to safety before going to town on the mercenaries.
    • Gabe being completely unafraid of the flaming, skull-faced wraith that saved his life and even going so far as to express the belief that the All-New Ghost Rider is there to protect everyone.
  • Crosses into a Tear Jerker with Canelo the boss of the auto shop Robbie works at who refuses to give Robbie's name and address to the gang members who came to take back Grumpy's car, even when they torture him and leave him for dead. This is the same guy who tried to cheat Robbie on his paycheck; he turned out to be a decent, caring man after all.