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  • Some of Guero's crew deciding to help rescue some special needs kids (including Gabe) from a downed school bus during Zabo's attack on Hillrock Heights, notably so since Guero himself wanted nothing more than flee the scene. Also doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
    • From the same issue, there's Gabe who tries to protect Guero, the guy who stole his wheelchair, from getting killed by the mercenaries. Definitely shows how much of a saint he is and also his courage. In fact, Gabe actually stalls the merc long enough for Robbie to show up and rescue everyone. If Gabe hadn't done that, Guero would have been killed.
  • At the end of issue 5, Robbie gets back Gabe's chair from Guero and his thugs, and though he roughs them up, he refrains from killing them to boot.
  • Robbie and Eli getting the better of Johnny Blaze during their first clash.
    • When Eli takes control, Johnny goes after the two again. Eli does a Badass Arm-Fold and summons his car to take out the original Ghost Rider for him.
  • Robbie mastering his transformation and teaming up with Johnny Blaze to defeat Zabo's monster army.
  • Robbie and Gabe fighting across the streets of Los Angeles.
    • Gabe ripping Eli out of him to save Robbie's life.
  • The Ghost Races. Even if it's implied that Arcade has been fixing all of them. Robbie's highlight reel alone has him ripping through Sentinels, Symbiotes, MODOK assassins, and cadre of Victor Creeds to charge his way through victory.
  • Eli using his powers to help him and Robbie escape the Killiseum during Ghost Racers #2. Something their captors thought impossible.
  • The chase scene from Ghost Racers #3.
  • Robbie Reyes and Eli devouring Zadkiel's soul during the end of Ghost Racers.
  • Robbie managing to defeat Starbrand, a being so powerful he can destroy entire space ship fleets, with his newly acquired Penance Stare during Marvel Legacy.