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Heartwarming / Gattaca

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  • "You're gonna miss your flight, Vincent."
  • Vincent and Irene are talking outside Gattaca when she reveals to him that she has a genetic flaw. Vincent indicates that he doesn't care about it. Irene plucks a hair from her scalp, telling him to have it tested and then see whether or not that is still the case. Vincent lets go of the hair and says:
    Vincent: I'm sorry, the wind caught it.
    • Its reciprocation later in the film by Irene to Vincent counts as well.
  • "I only lent you my body. You lent me your dream."
  • "I'm proud of you, Vincent."
  • "Call me Eugene. My middle name."
  • When the real murderer is found, Anton is shown bowing down in relief showing that, despite everything else between them, he genuinely didn't want to believe that his brother was a murderer.
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  • The deleted scenes suggest that a subplot involving the head of Vincent's custodial division knowing of his borrowed-ladder status was excised from the film. One such scene shows the boss and Vincent having one last conversation before he goes, with the boss showing his approval. Before leaving, Vincent mentions that he has "left some trash" in the boss' locker and leaves. The boss waits a moment and opens it to find an imitation-vintage telescope.

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