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Heartwarming / Friendship Is Magic Discord Did It

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  • That moment when Spike feels Twilight's belly…made even more adorable when he feels the foal kick. <3
  • After giving birth to her foal, Fluttershy asks to see her baby. Despite the foal's red-and-yellow eyes startling the doctor and nurse, Fluttershy doesn't even care; she just nuzzles her baby and tells her that "Mama will always love you" just before passing out.
  • After the attack by the giant birds, the Mane Six are relieved to find their foals still alive, though injured. While the other five are embracing their foals, Rainbow Dash is scolding her son, Firestorm, for leading the others into the Everfree Forest. As she's doing this, Firestorm interrupts her by hugging her foreleg and crying into it. He asks to go home, and after a few seconds, Rainbow responds with a nuzzle and answers yes.
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  • Libby comforting a sad Token Medal on Nightmare Night, and telling him that she'll never abandon him.

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