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Heartwarming / Friendship is Empathy

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  • Applejack gets quite a few CMOHs in this story, including...
    • Giving Rainbow Dash a shoulder to cry on after her fight with Twilight.
    • Letting her crash at her place, and even stick around for a meal.
    • Not even getting mad when Dash lashes out again, telling the pegasus that's it better to be honest about your feelings than to bottle them up.
  • The ending.
    • Rainbow Dash gives Twilight back Ms. Smarty Pants after her stay at Sweet Apple Acres. After a false start at an apology, talking things out and discovering that they felt similar loneliness, they are able to truly reconcile, apologizing for their actions and their nasty words as they embrace.
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    • Later at a bonfire between them and their friendsnote , they too apologize for their parts in the Mare Do Well scheme and the Royal Wedding fiasco (which is especially sweet since in "A Canterlot Wedding, Part 2," Applejack was the only one to outright apologize to Twilight after the others' Jerkass Realization).

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