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Funny / Friendship Is Magic Discord Did It

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  • Pinkie telling her family she's pregnant.
  • "What's up?"
    • "Firestorm."
      • *cue Pinkie looking up to see Rainbow's foal walking erect on the ceiling with a troll face*
  • Roxbury (Applejack's foal) climbed into Ocean Breeze's bath. She wasn't amused.
  • Pinkie: "Butterscotch, please stop defying the laws of physics."
  • The scene where Firestorm tries to get a reaction from the guards. He tries burping, making funny faces, and other things, without success. After Roxbury says, "Fail," Firestorm ups his game by bursting into flames. A few moments later, a very startled guard tells Rainbow Dash:
    "Your baby just exploded!"
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  • The point where Firestorm swears... and literally blocks it with a bleep. He has standards too, you know.

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