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Heartwarming / First Try Series

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  • In First Try: Autumn Leaves, when Tetsuo throws Naruto into the leaf pile to join his teammates and play - something it's indicated Naruto never got to do growing up.
  • First Try, when Tetsuo sees past his prejudice and realizes that Naruto is just a child.
  • First Try, Kakashi apologizing to Naruto for endangering him by misteaching the Shadow Clone Jutsu.
  • In First Try: Team Tetsuo, pretty much all Konoha ninja offer their help to Sakura after the consequences of Barako's stupidity on her upbringing are made known. We have Hinata offering her hospitality in spite of them not being particularly close, random ninja and possibly even Koharu offering to help, and even her past bullies asking her if she wants to stay at their homes.
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  • In First Try: Team Tetsuo Danzo took on a team-and when Hibachi, one of his future genin, was brought in the ROOT's infirmary for sitting on his recently deceased father's grave during a bout of freezing rain, Danzo did nothing but tell him an inspiring story to break him out of his depression. And apparently succeeded.


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