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  • In First Try chapter 10: Recovery, Naruto's Would Hit a Girl "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Sakura:
    "I might have let you get away with that while I was at the Academy because I liked you but I'm not going to let you take advantage of my kindness in such a manner again. Allowing myself to be abused in such a manner is not behavior befitting a shinobi. Despite the fact that I am loathe to do so since you already attacked me, I'm going to let you up. If you try to hit me again however, I'll break your arm. Before you even think about testing this, I'm going to warn you right now that I'm not going to go easy on you because you're a girl, since that's just a bit of civilian nonsense and I've learned the hard way that girls are just as dangerous as, if not moreso than, boys. If you think anyone will make a fuss over me breaking your arm...Well, let's just say that you don't want to be there when they learn that the reason your arm was broken was because you were suicidally stupid enough to try and attack a ninja."
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  • In Team 7, Naruto manages to fast-talk Kakashi out of training him. The end result? Kakashi leaves on a month-long camping trip with Sasuke, Sakura has THREE tutors (Ebisu, Suzume and Kurenai) and Naruto gets to train with Tetsuo.
  • In First Try chapters 8-9, Naruto manages to get his maimed teammates and dead comrades through the Second Phase of the Kiri Exams.
  • Team Tetsuo, Danzo beating Barako at her own game without even using a lie. Or trying seriously, at that.
  • The fact that Naruto was able to earn the respect of Konoha's shinobi forces.
  • First Try, chapter 4 where Tetsuo punched Kakashi in the face for endangering Naruto by irresponsibly teaching the Shadow Clone Jutsu. He is quickly outclassed, but goes to show how much he grew to care for Naruto
  • In Team Tetsuo chapter 26, Shin ruining the greedy merchant who had stifled Team Tetsuo and Zabuza's group and called an Angry Mob on them after they saved his children, with nothing but one phrase he wasn't sure was true.
    "Throw that rock and Danzo-sama will expose your involvement with the underground slave market".
    • Then, to make sure he'd get his just desserts, they planted a few evidence and had the townspeople of Saida find it and the real evidence of his many crimes.


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