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Heartwarming / Evil Dead

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  • Ash gets one in the ending to Army of Darkness Ash spent Evil Dead being mentally tortured by a force that's only wish was to kill him, and successfully killed his friend and girlfriend and turned them against each other. The second film gave it to him even worse, having him cut his own hand off to stop it from killing him, the entire place going nuts, the only people he's seen after all the mayhem dying, and actual confrontations with physical monsters. Army of Darkness didn't lay it on him quite as bad, but an army of the dead, a clone ripping out of his body, and all the other stuff he went through had to take their toll. After all that, he has well and truly earned his happy ending. But alas...
  • Sheila surviving her Demonic Possession. Just once in the series, Ash manages to save one of his allies.
    • In the original script, she didn't make it, which is part of the reason why Ash leaves for his own time.
  • In Evil Dead 2, Ash freeing himself from possession by finding Linda's necklace.
  • In the remake, Mia waking up after being buried alive, cured from her possession after David goes through utter hell to save her.
  • In the remake Eric saving David from Possessed! Mia. He had so many injuries that it would be easier to list which parts of his body weren't stabbed beyond belief and walking around definitely didn't help the bleeding. And that's what makes him coming back to save his old friend, all the more heartwarming.

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