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Heartwarming / Ergo Proxy

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  • Most of Vincent and Pino's interactions qualify. In particular, when Vincent discovers that he's a Proxy, Pino reveals that she's always known and isn't afraid of him.
    • After the old crew of the Centzon dies, Vincent is left alone. He notices Pino, but remarks that she is not a real person. Vincent retracts on this stance later on and happily accepts that he still has Pino.
  • Re-L playing ball with Pino, she does lose interest quickly though.
  • In one episode, when Pino gives an answer to Re-L's question correctly, she pats her head.
  • In one episode, Vincent has headaches, Re-L seems concerned about his well-being, and says that he may go rest back at the ship and she and Pino will be ok without him.
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  • Re-L warming up to Vincent and Pino. While stranded in the middle of nowhere, Re-L still acts in her usual no-nonsense manner and scoffs at Vincent and Pino's carefree attitude. As time goes on, she begins to see the beauty in how the duo makes the best out of their bad situation rather than breaking down like her. The episode ends with Re-L acting silly and pulling a fast one on Vincent.
  • Unlike 90% of the Proxies seen in the show, Will B. Good is one of the few who is truly concerned with the wellbeing of his people. Not even Ergo Proxy, our protagonist, cares enough about Romdeau not to abandon it.
  • Pino saving Will B. Good and his dome from Ergo Proxy. Even though the group needs to resupply, Vincent decides to stay away from the dome simply because Pino asks him to.

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