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Heartwarming / 11/22/63

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  • In the series, after Johnny has been killed and Sadie has been taken to hospital, a cop insists to Jake that he has to take a statement, even though Jake is traumatized and distraught. Jake has just been made to resign from his teaching job, after Deke Simmons has heard from Sadie that he has surveillance equipment in his basement. Then Simmons turns up, tells the cop that he remembers him from his high school football days, puts a comforting arm around Jake and walks him to a car to get him to the hospital.
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  • Followed by another one in the hospital, where the cop finally does succeed in taking Jake's statement. Jake tells the truth, except that he makes out that it was he rather than Sadie who shot Johnny. Then he tells the cop that if he has to arrest him, so be it. The cop simply says "No need," closes his notebook and walks away.
  • In the pilot, Jake attends a speech by then-candidate John F. Kennedy and is clearly moved by seeing a man he's only read about in history books live and in person.

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