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Trivia / 11/22/63

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  • Directed by Cast Member: James Franco directed the fifth episode of the series.
  • What Could Have Been: One of King's earlier ideas for the story:
    I'd like to tell a time-travel story where this guy finds a diner that connects to 1958... you always go back to the same day. So one day he goes back and just stays. Leaves his 2007 life behind. His goal? To get up to November 22, 1963, and stop Lee Harvey Oswald. He does, and he's convinced he's just FIXED THE WORLD. But when he goes back to '07, the world's a nuclear slag-heap. Not good to fool with Father Time. So then he has to go back again and stop himself... only he's taken on a fatal dose of radiation, so it's a race against time.
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  • Write What You Know: King's previous career as a high school English teacher heavily informs the plot of this novel, where the protagonist is a high school English teacher. On more minor note, Stephen King is also 6'4". It's noticeable that he does a very accurate depiction of both the upside and downside of this. He also makes Jake's dream girl 6' 1".