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Heartwarming / Dreamland University Redux

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  • After Meta Knight is injured and has the flu, he reluctantly agrees to stay in Dedede's apartments and recover. While there, he meets Dedede's mom, Delilah. What does this blue-blooded, powerful woman do when she meets a ragged, sick, and unknown teenager in her apartment? She tucks him into bed and makes him tea.
  • Bandanna Dee keeps his hair short as a transgender man, but it's implied that he misses the really long hair he had before transitioning. It's really sweet, then, that Meta Knight always lets Bandanna Dee fix his long hair.
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  • When Bandanna Dee is injured in the fight with Dark Mind and outed as being a transgender man, Kirby accepts Bandanna Dee immediately and fervently promises his friendship and support.
  • Max Haltmann notices a picture of Dedede, Meta Knight, and Bandanna Dee on Duchess Delilah's desk. When he asks who's in the picture, Delilah simply replies "my boys." This is particularly poignant considering only Dedede is Delilah's biological child.
  • Meta Knight recognizing that Delilah deeply cares about him and shyly asking to call her "Mama" is pretty heartwarming.

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