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  • Meta Knight agrees to let Dedede kiss him good night and assumes Dedede meant a kiss on the cheek. Dedede didn't, after kissing Meta Knight on the mouth, it leads to possibly the funniest conversation ever.
    Meta Knight: I didn't think you meant on the mouth! I thought you meant like your mother does sometimes. Very infrequently. I mean, she doesn't do it often, but I mean, that's my only reference as far as kissing goes.
    Dedede: I dunno if I wanna kiss you like—I mean, oh. You were expecting—like—a forehead kiss, right? Not...not something like—I'm sorry. It didn't mean anything. I just wanted a bit of...oh! I didn't think! I just kinda assumed you'd...I'm so sorry, Meta Knight!
    • This is made only funnier by the fact that Meta Knight then confirms with Galaxia that he liked being kissed.
  • Dark and Meta Knight make fun of one another's names.
  • When learning that the famous hero and king of Dreamland has been reincarnated, Kirby immediately assumes he's been reincarnated as Prince Fluff.
  • Shadow Kirby greets Meta Knight by bopping him on the nose with a magic wand and unleashing a burst of pink sparkles.
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  • Nightmare completely blows off Whispy Woods's petition...until he learns it's protesting Haltmann Works. Then, Nightmare hands over his business card and tells Whispy to call his personal assistant who will make a "considerable donation" to the cause.
  • When they're out shopping, Dedede interrupts Meta Knight's conversation with Jecra and insists that Meta Knight try on some clothes. Meta Knight is bemused, and after Dedede goes to pick out clothes for Meta Knight to try, Jecra remarks that Dedede is jealous. While it's quite obvious that Dedede is jealous of Jecra, Meta Knight immediately misinterprets this to mean that Dedede is romantically attracted to Jecra and wants some time alone with him.
  • Although the situation leading up to it is horrifying, Meta Knight dropping in without warning and insisting that he's going to spend the night in Magolor's apartment is pretty funny.
    Meta Knight: I’m spending the night. I don’t have anywhere else to go, and the four A.M.B.E.R. agents behind me and Crown Princess Sectonia agreed I could stay with you.
    Magolor: (cheerfully) Well, friends should help one another out regardless of their scary government friends.
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  • Once Nightmare puts everyone in the world of dreams, a world which he can control, to compete for the Star Rod, he makes some...interesting clothing choices. He puts himself in flowing, wizard robes, Meta Knight in absurdly over-the-top armor, and Dedede in a clown costume.
  • After Meta Knight, Kirby, and Dark pursue Dark Nebula by themselves, Delilah, clearly worried. gives the three of them a good scolding; this is especially funny because Meta Knight and Kirby are the reincarnations of the Greatest Warrior in the Galaxy and Dreamland's greatest king, and Dark is the king of the Mirror World.
    Delilah: Jus’ ‘cause you’re Meta from a different dimension don’t mean you oughta be engagin’ in that kinda behavior either.
    Dark: I’m a king
    Delilah: Then, bein’ a king, you oughta know the importance of takin’ back-up with you! For Nova’s sake, boy! If Floralia decides they’re gonna invade, are you just gonna try to take ‘em on singlehandedly?
    Dark: My father destroyed the kingdom of Floralia.
    Delilah: I don't care, you gremlin!
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  • When Francisca asks Magolor to stamp flyers in order for her to advertise a new sorority, he tries to make conversation with her...only for Marx to humiliate him at any chance he gets.
  • Dark's revenge plan at Alera. Instead of attacking or causing a war he hires Daroach to help him steal Bikaia's coronation painting and replaces it with one of him dressed in a royal outfit with rippling muscles and people fawning at his feet, one of which looks like Alera.

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