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Heartwarming / Demon of Wind

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  • A lot of these moments come from between Rai and Kimiko.
    Rai: The amount of people that have hurt me to date? A lot. The amount of attempts at my life to date? A lot. The amount of times I've fallen over the edge to date? A lot. The amount of times to date there's been someone to catch me before I reach the bottom?
    Kimiko: A lot?
    Rai: No. Once.

    Rai: So theoretically, if someone had done something for me that I am extremely grateful for, it would be all right for me to hug them?
    Kimiko: [nods]
    Rai: [hugs]
    Rai: Thank you.

    • When Rai is given the chance to become human again.
    Rai: Alright Kimiko I want you to be honest with me. How important is it to you that I become human again?
    Kimiko: Not enough to risk losing you completely.
    Rai: [faint smile] I just needed to hear you say that.

    • After the above we get this...
    Rai: Listen if something goes wrong, I want you to know, everything I went through, meeting you, Master Fung, the Wudai Warriors and most importantly you made it worth it. [clears throat] But if it comes to it, please don't let me become what the rest of the world thought I was.
    Kimiko: [swallows] Okay, Rai.

    • When Rai fully realizes that his humanity has returned by stepping into the sunlight and feeling its warmth. Guess what the first thing he does after getting Tears of Joy?
    Rai: This is real. [pulls Kimiko in for a hug]. I'm human.
    Kimiko: [single tear] Yes you are, Rai. Welcome to the club.

  • Guan's friendship with Rai. Below is a particularly warm fuzzy example when they part.
    Guan: Rai, you have been a fine student and great addition to the Xiaolin side. Your friends will guide you further as you walk this path but as your teacher I have one last thing to tell you. No matter what you have been told, no matter what you have believed, know that I have sensed something in you that no other demon I have encountered has; a soul.

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