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Heartwarming / D 20 Live

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  • 2012 Con Bravo.
    • After defeating an Enemy Brute, which had been able to defeat most of the Local Lord's Guards, Spoony goes to help those who are injured.
  • 2019 Con Bravo Avatar Game.
    • During the intermission, Big Mike & Sam got engaged. Big Mike got down on one knee and proposed, Sam then pulled out her own ring and proposed, too.
    • The Party's concern for both Li and the abducted children in the second half of the 2019 Game.
    • Li & Uri's Friendship in the Game Story.
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    • EVERYONE'S support for Li, from the Party treating Li like family, to even the Audience chanting "Stan", the nickname the party gave them.
  • 2020 Power Rangers Stream
    • The 2020 Game was run as a Charity Stream, to raise money for both Direct Relief & the N A A C P. The original goal with $1000, which was reached within the first fifteen minutes, so they increased the goal to $3000, which was reached an hour and a half later!
    • Thanks to Nash, the Big Bad's Entire Army perform a Heel–Face Turn and help the Rangers in their Battle with the Darkness Master!

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