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Heartwarming / Contagion

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  • Near the film's end, Mitch goes out to buy a dress for Jordan and sets up a private prom night for her and Andrew after he gets his vaccine.
  • Also Dr. Cheever giving the vaccine to the Janitor's young son.
  • Dr. Hextall's scene with her infected father - a family physician that kept seeing patients until infected himself, because he wanted to keep helping people right to the end. Apparently, being an Iron Woobie ran in the family!
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  • In a final act of selfless kindness, Dr. Mears tries to gives her jacket to the man next to her before she succumbs to the infection.
  • Jordan refusing to leave Minnesota when she has a chance, due to wanting to stay with her father so he has a shoulder to cry on in his time of grief.


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