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Heartwarming / Bao

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  • Although it leads to the mother and the dumpling having an argument, the scene where the fiancée meeting the mother is pretty sweet. She actually seems excited to meet her boyfriend's family and gives the mother a hug.
  • The scene where the husband puts his wife and their son in a room so they can talk things through. While he hasn't had as much screen time as his family, he clearly cares about them and he doesn't want to lose either of them.
  • The mother and son finally apologizing to one another and reconciling.
  • The daughter-in-law makes perfect dumplings; some traditions will continue in this new family.
  • If we continue the metaphor from the dream of equating dumplings with children, then the daughter-in-law making perfect dumplings on her first try implies that she will be an excellent mother. Seems the son chose well, despite his mother's protests.

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