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Heartwarming / A League of Their Own

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  • When the two (now much older) sisters reunite at the end of the film.
  • Realizing that Shirley Baker can't read, fellow Peach Helen Haley gently helps her find her name and welcomes her to the team.
    • Similarly, Mae's efforts to help her learn to read. Sure, she uses trashy romance novels as teaching aides, but what's important is that Shirley is learning.
  • Bob showing up at the team house and surprising Dottie. She's just so happy!
    Bob: Hiya, cutie.
  • The much older Stillwell showing up at the Baseball Hall of Fame in place of his mother Evelyn who died a few years before.
    Stillwell: When I heard about this, I felt like I owed it to her to be here. She always said it was the best time she ever had.
  • Jimmy shoving away the tactless courier who was going to withhold the notice of Betty's husband's death in the war due to not knowing who to give it to and personally giving the message himself. The courier did say that they should send somebody personal. Why not the coach that the girls had come to care about and vice versa?
    • Then, when Betty understandably breaks down, he doesn't hesitate to wrap his arms around her and hug her close. Asshole or not, Jimmy Dugan's going to make sure he does everything he can for his girls.
  • During the final World Series Game, Miss Cuthbert can be seen whooping and cheering in the dugout. There's something very endearing watching this prim and proper lady be so thrilled for the girls she's been looking after.
  • Ernie genuinely trying to let Kit down easy when he initially turns her down for tryouts. His reassuring pat on her arm pays off when he realizes how strong she is and he does a 180, inviting her to come to the tryouts.
    • Later:
      Kit: Hey, Dottie? thanks for gettin' me into the league.
      Dottie: You got yourself into the league. I just got you on the train.
  • When Ernie refuses to take Marla because she isn't pretty, Kit and Dottie instantly drop their bags and refuse to accompany him. Good for them, sticking up for a girl they don't even know.
    • And Dad's plea - don't punish her for my mistakes.
    • later, though we see little of it, Marla's relationship with Nelson. He's immediately smitten with her when they meet in the club and she serenades him, they keep in touch through letters and finally get married. Marla looks so happy as they're driving off for their honeymoon and the rest of the team all look thrilled for her.
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  • The woman on the radio show shown at the beginning, lambasting the league as an assault on femininity? She's shown at the end cheering the girls on with Walter Harvey in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment.

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