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Heart Warming / Dekiru: The Fusion Hero!

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  • Many fanfics where Izuku has a quirk end up having his relationship with Katsuki at the beginning of the story the same as canon, if not even worse, for one reason or another; therefore it's refreshing to see one where not only they've grown up like true friends, Izuku's Fusion has ironically benefited Katsuki's character more than himself. While the latter retains most of his original personality (he takes a lot of it from his mother after all), growing up along someone with a quirk which he's always found great has prevented him from developing a superiority complex; he constantly cares for Izuku's well-being and wants the best for him. Their bond is so strong, All Might notices it immediately and decides to let Katsuki into the secret of One For All from the beginning, and also quickly convinces Katsuki about his choice of Izuku over him.
  • In canon, we first see Teenaged Izuku alone, talking with a stranger about the hero fight in front of him. Here Katsuki is with him.
    • In canon Izuku is intimidated by Kasuki’s claim of being at the very top, here; exasperated.
    • Katsuki is also fiercely defensive against people who mock Izuku’s Quirk.
  • When All-Might offers Midoriya his power, Katsuki isn’t overly jealous, just says that he’ll be a top hero without it.
  • Despite his lack of confidence in his Quirk, Izuku’s UA classmates are mostly ok with it.
    • Ochako & Momo only heard of it when they fused with Izuku, and are both okay with doing so again.
    • It’s unclear whether Tsuyu was or wasn’t before her first fusion, however the fact she does so again to introduce them to her younger sister says a lot about her opinion.
    • Without fusing with him, Mina, Kirishima, Kaminari and Sero are all cool with the idea of fusing with him.
    • After fusing with him, Mineta gives Izuku an apology.
    • Of all of Class 1A, only 2 people have an explicit problem with it, and one of those people already apologized.
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  • Izuku and Bakugo (in his own way) encouraging Ochako before her speech at the Sports Festival opening.
  • After the neck & neck race between the First-Year's top three ends in a photo finish, they behave just like best friends, something noted to be rare in such a competitive industry and likely to have far reaching effects, an image to inspire generations for years to come.
  • Inko and Mitsuki watching the Sports Festival together.