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  • Is Siegfried from Wild Arms 3 the same as Zeikfried from Wild Arms 1?
    • He is definitely similar in many ways, especially with the redesign of his model for Alter Code F. However, the two characters goals are very different: Ziekfried wants to take over the world while Siegfried wants to revitalize it. There'd need to be some game or other information to bridge the two together and solidify them as the same being.
    • The Japanese art for Alter Code: F actually lists Zeikfried's name as Siegfried, which implies the different names are the results of different translators.
  • Where's the Word of God that supposedly confirms that all the games take place on the same Filgaia?
    • Based on the word of someone who collects RPG related All There in the Manual stuff, it's uhh... apparently the same Word of God which confirmed the multiple Filgaias theory released during the third game. Or at least a different God under the same company. Yeah.
      • I think the previous troper wanted to know which sources said what. Was it the Advanced 3rd Complete Guide? The 10th Anniversary book? Some obscure review only findable via the Internet Archive?
      • I may have actually been duped, but the source I heard "All Filgaias are the same" from claimed it was contained in a book called something along the lines of "The Filgaia Chronicle."
      • That book does exist - it covered 1, 2, and the anime. Which raises some more questions given that in the anime, Filgaia was a Terran colony that went rogue....
      • I believe it was mentioned by Word of God that games 1,3 and possibly 5 were the same Filgaia, while 2 and 4 were alternates. It is kinda supported in the 3rd game where the story of 2 was a fairy tale you could find. Easily, 3 looks to be a definite sequel to 1, and 5 is fairly debatable. Also, while 2 and 4 are seperate alternates, some would believe that 4 is even a far flung prequel to all of them because of one character's ability to create guardians from her imagination.
  • Where in WA3 did it say that Filgaia was colonized by humans from Earth?
    • When researching the Elw. Though they weren't the colonizers; they invaded, realized they were fighting a war that neither side could win, and then tried to make peace with the Elw. The Elw died off soon after, and the humans took after the Elw's customs. There's even a cult dedicated to taking the ancient spaceships and sailing through the stars again.