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Wild ARMs 4
  • Arnaud killing Scythe by crashing a squadron of fighter jets right on top of him.
  • Resident Mighty Glacier and Lady of War Raquel, challenging Hugo to a fight after seeing his ability to move while time is stopped, and proceeding to block every single one of his strikes by taking advantage of the short interval at the point of his attack when he has to continue the flow of time.
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  • Gawn's Dying Moment of Awesome, where he use a pair of shotguns to shoot down all of Lambda's missiles in mid-air, breaking every law of physics along the way. While giving a Crowning Speech of Awesome. And then? He punches the one he didn't have a cartridge left for, keeping it from blowing the heroes out of the sky.

Wild ARMs XF

  • The party defeats the Final Boss, who promptly regenerates with an As Long as There is Evil type speech. So they kill her again. And again. And again. They are so determined that they actually frighten the incarnation of fear itself, causing it to unravel and die for good. Awesome.


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